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Director's Message


Dr Alok kumar Mishra


An institute plays a pivotal role in shaping and molding your career and only an institute that has stood the test of time can promise you that. With a legacy of 27 years in education and a proven track record in medical and para-medical education, MPGI has made a foray into the field of Ayurvedic Sciences with Maharana Pratap Ayurvedic Medical College and Hospital.

Our Institute is equipped with the state-of-the-art labs, latest apparatus and technology and a renowned faculty to ensure that the quality of education imparted is never compromised. We have a 60 bed Hospital with Panchakarma Centre and health wellness center.

An Ayurvedic practitioner can get self-employed or practice as a medical officer or doctor with government and private Ayurvedic hospitals. Employment opportunities are also available in Health centers as professionals or supervisor or one can pursue a career in academics. In addition to this pharmaceutical industry manufacturing Ayurvedic products as well as FMCG products is open for Ayurveda graduates and post graduates as a career option.

The Department of cancer care runs for an approach to holistic health care through Ayurvedic science,

The Cancer Care department has enabled us to treat some of the most complex cases holistically. We have successfully enhanced the quality of life during the treatment and also extended the life expectancy. Providing our holistic treatment for all types of cancers, our protocols are structured in such a way that they can help cancer patients during every stage of their cancer treatment. It can also go alongside the conventional approaches of chemotherapy.