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About the Department

Kayachikitsa is a significant branch among eight parts of
Ayurveda. Kayachikitsa deals with the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of
disorders like geriatric medicine (Rasayana), Aphrodiasiac medicine
(Vajikarana), Skin disease, Diabetes and other lifestyle disorders,
kayachikitsa deapartment is the backbone of Ayurveda medicine, disease s like
skin disorders, diabetes, tuberculosis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis
and many other disorders are diagnosed and treated with Ayurveda medicine.


1. Awareness about good physical and mental health.

2.Awareness about pathya-Apathya aahara-vihara

3.Clinical management at life style disorders, psychiatric,
degeneratic disorders, skin diseases, geriatric disorders.

4.All types of joints and neuro-muscular diseases.

5. Clinical management of Diabetics, HTN, Thyroid disorder

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Dr Saurabh Parauha

MD (kayachikitsa)
Assistant professor/Consultant

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