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About the Department

Panchakarma is a method of cleansing the body of all the unwanted the waste after lubricating it. Panchakarma are five in number, hence the term panch (five)- karma (procedures).
Panchakarma treatment is unique in the sense that it includes preventive, curative and pramotive actions for various diseases.
Panchakarma is a scientific process and classified in three parts.

1- Poorva karma (pre operative management procedures)
After maintaining the digestive fire the next procedure i. e. Snehana, swedana
Snehana – is also know as medicated oleation process. It is defined as a process which maintains Singdhata (unctuousness), Mriduta (softness), Dravata (liquidness) as well picchilta (slimeyness) physiological atmosphere of the body.
Swedana – is also know as medicated sudation process. It is defined as the process by which perspiration is produced which removes the feeling of stiffness and heaviness from the body and help bring a natural calming effect on the person.
2- Pradhan karma (main operative management procedures)
1- vamana karma – (medicated emesis)
2- virechan karma – (medicated purgation)
3- vasti – (niruha vasti) – medicated enema in the form of decoction.
(anuvasna vasti) – medicated enma in the form of oil.
4 – Nasya karma- medicine administered through nasal route.
5 – Raktamokshan – blood letting.

3 – Pashchat karma – (post operative management procedures) – Pashchat karma means after care in this certain precautions are taken after finishing the main procedures to get the full benefit of panchakarma. It includes certain rejuvenating treatments and rasayan therapy, lifestyle management, diet management intake of herbal supplement etc.

Amit Awadhia

Dr. Amit Awadhiya

BAMS, MD( panchakarma)

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