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Swasthavritta & Yoga

About the Department

Swasthavritta is the branch of Ayurveda which plays an important role in health promotion and prevention of the diseases through holistic approach of Diet, Life style modification and Achar Rasayana (Ethical practices). Department also emphasizes practice of Yoga & Naturopathy. Department has Swasthrakshana OPD in Hospital with practical approach towards Yoga, Nisargopachara and Pathyapathya Ahar (Diet Consultancy). A real strength of Ayurveda is preventive measures and maintaining good health this is incorporated in the swasthavritta. According to NCISM,swasthavritta syllabus contains preventive measures of modern science, yog shastra and naturopathy as well.

Departmental Activities
Swasthavritta helps to train graduate (BAMS) professionals in public health, which is fundamental to 21st-century healthcare. The main intent of public health is to promote a healthier population and minimize the effects of a disease, disability, and injury.

Swasthavritta has unique concepts and methodologies to address primary health care. With well-designed operational research and after suitable modifications, it is possible to apply the sound principles of Swasthavritta for promoting longevity with improved quality of life at the level of the individual as well as the community.

Department has come up with Innovative practices like various food adulteration tests.

Involvement in community activities in nearby villages, conducting morning Yoga sessions for the IPD patients as well as for the public.

Organizing a Food festival for the public in order to create awareness about Balanced diet & nutrition, and diet advice to healthy individuals & patients on OPD as well as IPD basis.

Dr.Pragya Shukla

Consultant SV&YOGA